Trump Architect: Building Letters Are in “Poor Taste”

Another person is on the record in opposition to the lettering on the side of Chicago's Trump International Hotel and Condos, and it's an opinion that carries a lot of weight.

Adrian Smith, the architect on the project, tells NBC Chicago that he's not a fan of the "TRUMP" letters currently being installed on the building.

"I think it hurts the image of the building and is done in poor taste. It also hurts the image of Chicago. How could the City officials that must approve these signs let this happen?" emailed Smith, who is currently overseas.

The installation of the stainless letters -- which are 20 feet high and 140 feet high and backlit by LED lights -- began three weeks ago on the 16th floor, and it one letter away from completion.

The 98-story building made it's mark on Chicago's skyline five years ago when it became the second-tallest structure in the city -- for many, a distinction that looms as large as its owner.

"He has a big ego so I can understand that," tourist Joel Goodnow said.

Others aren't phased by the new addition to the building.

"Being from New York, his name is everywhere ... I don't see it being a big deal. So what, it's a guy's name," said Ernest Magliato.

The city approved the letters last fall, but the weather prevented them from being erected sooner.

Trump told the Chicago Tribune that eventually his sign will be like the "Hollywood sign."

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