Trucker Stabbing Began With CB Argument

Lauritzen bled to death through a severed aorta

An angry CB radio conversation led to a road rage incident that left a 40-year-old trucker dead, police said.

David Seddon, also a truck driver, was ordered held without bond after prosecutors described the violent incident that unfolded on the shoulder of the Edens Expressway at Tower Road last week.

"The most common description of this is that it started as an incident of road rage," said Illinois State Police Commander David Nanninga.

Investigators said the 48-year-old Seddon admitted he engaged in an angry verbal altercation with the victim, Alan Lauritzen, 40, whom he accused of tailgating. When the argument escalated Seddon reportedly challenged Lauritzen to meet him on the shoulder of the road, where the two fought.

Prosecutors say during that scuffle Seddon produced a folding knife, and stabbed Lauritzen three times.

The burly Seddon appeared in court in a cut-off black "Daytona" t-shirt emblazoned with an eagle and an American flag.

Lauritzen's family members sobbed openly in the gallery as a prosecutor described the attack and how the victim bled to death from a severed aorta.

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