Pickup Drives Onto Empty Moving Car Carrier

"How did he not see me? I'm a big vehicle," said car carrier's driver

The driver of a pickup truck managed to drive up and onto an empty car carrying vehicle early Thursday morning.

Jay Applewhite was driving the empty car carrier southbound on the Bishop Ford Freeway near 147th Street in Calumet City when he said he felt like the vehicle blew tires.

"I felt the truck shaking and what-not, so I get out and check to see if I blew some tires, and I happen to look up and I see a car up there," he said.

Applewhite said he was traveling the posted speed limit and surmises the driver of the black pickup must have been going at a very high rate of speed to get up the ramp and become lodged in the carrier.

"How did he not see me? I'm a big vehicle," said Applewhite.

The driver of the pickup was taken to Community Hospital in Munster, Indiana for treatment of minor injuries. He was listed in good condition as of 6 a.m. His age was not provided.

An Illinois State Police spokesman said it was too early to say whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

No citations were issued as of 6 a.m.

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