Travel Concerns Arise As People Come to Chicago From COVID-19 Surging States

While Illinois' coronavirus positivity rate remains relatively low, the 'quarantine fatigue' seems to have led a number of Chicagoans to travel to other states for vacation

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The fatigue of staying home during the start of the pandemic is becoming a reality for many.

"Yeah, I was ready to go," said one passenger returning from Miami.

People flying into O’Hare International Airport are trying their best to protect themselves against the Coronavirus.

"Just put this on and your mask and just stay safe distancing,” said Mariano Herrera, as he returned from visiting family in Houston.

Texas is experiencing a record-high surge of coronavirus cases with a positivity rate of 16%, as of Saturday.

By comparison, Illinois’ current rate sits at 3%, but is steadily rising.

The city of Chicago is requiring a 14-day quarantine when you return from one of these virus surging states.

“I have to quarantine for 14 days after this," Herrera said. "But I don’t know if I’m going to be able to because I have to go back to New Mexico next week and I’ve got to go sell my house down there.”

Others booked trips partially because of what is referred to as the "quarantine fatigue."

“It was a lot of people, but they had face masks,” said Jamyah Tate, traveler from Miami. "We had to make sure everything was safe for us to come back here.”

A resident from Orlando, in town for business, said overall he has seen people wearing masks.

Florida just broke a single-day record after finding more than 15,000 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, so obviously there is concern.

“A little upset that there’s others out there that are not following the rules," said Orlando resident Leonidas Papakalos.

Papaklos said he hopes people will take this virus more seriously.

“We’re all on the same team," Papakalos added.

As the virus numbers rise in certain parts of the country, the city of Chicago said it will continue to update its list of quarantine states every Tuesday.

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