Transgender Couple Shares Pregnancy Journey in Hopes of Inspiring Others

“I want people to see that happiness is a possibility,” Precious Brady-Davis said

Myles Brady Davis and Precious Brady-Davis are expecting their first child in a matter of weeks.

But their journey to pregnancy had its own struggles. Struggles, they say they overcame and want to share to show others like them – in the trans community – that anything is possible.

“I always knew I wanted kids but when I saw Precious and my heart felt the way it did I realized then that I could actually have a child with my actual partner,” Myles Brady Davis said.

Both Myles Brady Davis and Precious Brady Davis are transgender. They have been together for five years and were married three years ago.

“In the beginning, Myles was very open about that. He wanted to have a child and that was extremely beautiful to me,” Precious Brady-Davis said.

Fast forward to 2019 and Myles Brady Davis is now eight months pregnant thanks to invitro fertilization.

“Not every trans person medically transitions,” he said. “The only requirement there is to be trans is to say that you’re trans.”

But for Precious Brady-Davis, getting her husband pregnant meant going off hormones.

“I had to go off hormones just because I wasn’t able to produce sperm because I had been on hormones. So it took about a year before we could even try the IVF process and conceive,” she said.

The couple’s fertility specialist says transgender couples have two options.

“Option number one is to have a baby before surgery or hormonal stimulation,” said Dr. Brian Kaplan. “Option number two, which I think is very important, is to plan in the long-term. Let’s say you are single, is to go ahead and freeze.”

The couple said they wanted to share their story to help others see what is possible.

“I feel that when it comes to reproductive health, trans people are often left out of the conversation,” Myles Brady Davis said. “So I want trans guys to know we have this option. If you choose to medically transition you can choose to freeze your eggs.”

“I want people to see that happiness is a possibility,” Precious Brady-Davis said.

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