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Red Light Camera, Speeding Ticket Bills Head to Governor

Bills change "wiggle room" for excessive speeders, rolling stops



    Red Light Camera, Speeding Ticket Bills Head to Governor
    Getty Images / Scott Olson
    A traffic light controls the flow of vehicles and pedestrians April 20, 2005 near downtown Chicago, Illinois. According to a survey, the nation's traffic signals are mostly inefficient, leading to unnecessary delays, wasted fuel and increased air pollution as vehicles constantly stop and go.

    Gov. Pat Quinn was handed a couple of bills Friday that affect drivers and their wallets.

    With one, drivers won't have the option of expunging excessive speeding convictions from their driving records.  Currently, drivers can use court supervision as a way of keeping a seemingly clean driving record if they don't get another speeding ticket in a specified amount of time.

    Another item would reform the manner in which red light violations are handed out and give drivers a little bit of wiggle room at monitored intersections.

    Currently, drivers are required to come to a complete stop at a painted stop line that can sometimes be several feet from the actual intersection.  Many drivers have been ticketed because they'll pass the line and do rolling stops while making a right turn.

    The bill wouldn't allow rolling stops, but removes the mandate that a driver stop completely at the painted stop line and allows it to be done closer to the intersection when pedestrians aren't present.

    The proposal would also ban the city and suburbs from putting a $100 fine on tickets that are appealed but sustained.