Tracking a Cheatin' Heart

GPS devices are becoming a mainstay in the P.I. business

A recent divorce filing included some evidence of a wife's infidelity that never would have been an option a few short years ago.

The Sun-Times reports that a "well-to-do suburban professional" tracked his wife's movements by placing a small GPS device in the family car.

With it, the suspicious man was able to confirm that his wife, after dropping their kids off with her father -- "a convicted felon," the paper adds -- drove to a South Side motel for a roll in the hay with her lover.

It was "an adulterous trip she took more than a dozen times," and at one point, a private investigator waited outside to photograph the couple as they left the motel together.


"She is presently asking for forgiveness for her dalliances," the husband's divorce lawyer, Enrico J. Mirabelli, said.

Mirabelli is one of a growing number of people who use GPS trackers -- ala "Cheaters" -- to verify suspected infidels, and the Sun-Times states that the devices are available on the Internet for anyone to use.

"The GPS is a poor man's investigator," Mirabelli said.

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