Chicago Blackhawks

Tommy Wingels Denied Penalty Shot Goal on Controversial Call

Chicago Blackhawks winger Tommy Wingels got a penalty shot during the team's Saturday game against the Arizona Coyotes, but that was just the beginning of the story. 

On the shot, Wingels drove in hard on Arizona goaltender Louis Domingue. The netminder swiped at the puck with his stick, but Wingels was able to hold onto it and put a shot past him that apparently put the Blackhawks ahead by a 3-1 margin late in the second period. 

Unfortunately for the Blackhawks, the officials reviewed the play, and ruled that Domingue had touched the puck with his stick blade, thus negating the goal. 

Here is the play:

That view isn't very conclusive, but here's an overhead view of the play: 

According to NHL rules, once the goaltender touches the puck on a penalty shot, the shooting player can no longer touch it, and Wingels clearly touched it again before putting the puck into the net, thus negating the goal in the league's eyes. 

The Blackhawks ended up getting burned on the play, as Clayton Keller scored just over a minute later to tie things up at 2-2. 

What do you think, Blackhawks fans? Should the goal have counted? 

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