Report: Baby of Bali Murder Suspect Rushed to Hospital

The baby born last week to a Chicago woman accused of murdering her mother at an Indonesian resort was reportedly rushed to a clinic after she ran a fever and her skin turned a yellowish color.

The United Kingdom's Daily Mail Online published a report early Wednesday indicating baby Stella returned to the hospital after staying in the Bali jail with her mother, Heather Mack, after a couple of days.

The publication said Mack shares a jail cell with eight other prisoners.

Mack and her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, are accused of killing Mack's mother, Sheila von Wiese-Mack, and stuffing the woman's body in a suitcase last August. They're being tried separately and both face the death penalty if convicted.

Mack has pinned her mother's death on Schaefer. She testified earlier this month that Schaefer, 21, attacked von Wiese-Mack after the mother threatened the life of the then-unborn child.

Schaefer, in his trial, admitted he struck von Wiese-Mack with a metal bowl but only after he said she tried to strangle him.

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