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Tom Hanks' Favorite Tom Hanks Movie Has Illinois, Indiana Ties

Tom Hanks has officially revealed his favorite Tom Hanks movie and it has close ties to the Midwest.

When asked to name his top three films on The Bill Simmons Podcast, the actor said his favorite was "League of Their Own," which features Chicago baseball and Indiana ballparks.

"No. 1, I would probably say No. 1 would be 'League of Their Own' because all I did all summer was play baseball," Hanks said in the interview.

The 1992 film, which follows a new women's baseball league from Chicago rising to fame, was primarily filmed at fields and stadiums in Huntingburg and Evansville, Indiana.

“I shagged flies. I ate turkey dogs. I took infield with Robin Knight and a ton of other people," Hanks said. "I played baseball all summer long in Evansville, Indiana and in Wrigley Field. There was a day of doing that.”

The character Jimmy Dugan, played by a 36-year-old Hanks, was a former Chicago Cubs slugger in the film. Dugan is originally called upon to coach the women's team, the Rockford Peaches, but lacks the seriousness required.

Hanks said that all his friends and family joined him for the summer filming, adding that they lived in a house in the Midwest "in the middle of cornfields."

"We went to Burger King at night and Dairy Queen in the afternoon," he said. "We got our food at Hooks and drugs at Schnucks and it was a great summer. And my entire family still speaks about it."

Following "League of Their Own," the Oscar-winner said his next two favorite films were "Cast Away" and "Cloud Atlas," respectively.

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