Clip of the Week: Toews Nails Tot

It may be the offseason, but Blackhawks Star Jonathan Toews has been going full throttle.

Even if that means picking on children.In a video posted Wednesday, the Blackhawks' star blindsides a player at a junior skills camp, leaving the little boy sprawled out on the ice.
The boy, who seemed to be on a breakaway, was racing down the ice with the puck and his head down when the Stanley Cup champion lays his left shoulder into the kid's face.

The boy lets out a painful scream before crumpling into a ball and staying down for the duration of the highlight.

As medical services arrive on the scene, the announcer assures us that Toews was uninjured and will be ready for the start of training camp on Sept. 17, ready to pick on someone his own size.

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