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Toddler Still Fighting for His Life After Road Rage Shooting on Lake Shore Drive

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Family members are continuing to come to grips with what happened to 21-month-old Kayden Swann this week, as the toddler remains in “very critical condition” following a shooting on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

Swann was riding in a car that was involved in an alleged road rage incident on the roadway Tuesday morning. Police believe that a person in another vehicle began firing shots at the car that Swann was in, with the gunfire continuing for several blocks.

Eventually the car crashed near Monroe and Lake Shore Drive after Swann was shot in the temple. He was taken by a Good Samaritan to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The boy was then transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital, where he remains in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Doctors say that Swann’s condition has not worsened since undergoing emergency surgery, but he is in a medical coma and remains on a ventilator at the hospital.

The boy’s family remains by his side at the hospital, and doctors say that it could be a very long road ahead as the boy continues to fight for his life.

“Right now he’s staying incredibly steady for us. Although he’s incredibly ill, he’s real steady for us,” Dr. Marcelo Malakooti said.

Doctors say the boy could require technological medical support moving forward, but more clarity will likely emerge on his condition in coming days.

Meanwhile a person of interest was being questioned by police in connection with the shooting. Local activist Ja’Mal Green offered a $5,000 reward in connection to the case, and says he has received numerous tips.

“I’ve committed to pay half down for an arrest, or for an arrest and charges,” he said. “The other half will be paid if he’s convicted.”

It is unclear Wednesday whether charges are imminent in connection with the case, and an investigation into the incident continues.

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