Chicago Police

Tipsters Could Get Up to $15K for Anonymous Calls to New CPD Line

Chicago has announced a new tip line for anonymous callers to report information on crimes in the city, and those that lead to charges or convictions could get thousands of dollars in rewards.

The new line, called the Gun Trafficking and Homicide Tip Line, offers up to $1,000 for tips leading to homicide charges and up to $15,000 for those that lead to convictions.

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said the cash rewards would be given to anyone whose tips lead to charges or convictions of people involved in those involved in illegal gun sales or people who commit murders.

"The goal of this tip line is to get justice for victims of violent crime and prevent more lives from being taken away from us by senseless gun violence," Brown said.

Gun trafficking tips that lead to charges involving 10 or more guns would earn up to $3,000. If that tip leads to a conviction, there would be an additional $2,000 rewarded. Homicide tips that lead to charges, however, would be rewarded with up to $10,000 and an additional $5,000 for those that end in a conviction.

"The tip line also gives us a real chance to solve older murders, those cold cases," Brown said. "No victim is ever forgotten. Often, older homicides are solved in the present when someone finally comes forward with information they were too afraid to share in the past."

The police department said anonymous tipsters can call with information to (833) 408-0069 or (312) 746-7330.

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