Pro Tips on Rescheduling Flights Impacted by Frigid Temperatures

Thousands of flights were canceled due to freezing temperatures over the last few days

The continuation of the deep freeze cancelled more than 1,400 flights at O’Hare International Airport on Thursday.  Hopefully, you checked-in with the airline about your flight status before you drove to the airport.

Now thousands of stressed-out travellers may be trying to reschedule their flights or they are scrambling from a refund.  Still, a local travel agent told NBC 5 that the major air carriers appear to be accommodating their customers at this time.

But she urges customers to be pro-active and not wait.

“If their reservation has been cancelled, they should then try to get it rescheduled by the airline. If they cannot get it rescheduled, most of the major US carriers are offering refunds for cancelled flights,” said Giselle Sanchez of Mena Tours & Travel.

However, Sanchez said some of the non-US carriers may not be as accommodating about rescheduling flights.

“They can basically tell you, ‘you have to leave at such and such date and return such and such a date and if you don’t you lose your ticket,’” Sanchez said.

Sanchez also recommended travellers (who are able to) should request a refund instead of a ticket voucher for a future flight.

“Refund is best because at time of change the airline may apply the change penalty,” Sanchez said.  “Also, ticket needs to be used a year from purchase date.  In most cases, there is no reason not to get your money back.”

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