Tip Off: Palin Joke Goes Wrong

Blogger accuses Chicago Diner of fraud

The Chicago Diner was joking when it labeled it's tip jar "Palin Retirement Fund," during Market Days Chicago's gay-pride-like festival.

No one would actually expect a GLBT-friendly, vegan business to donate money to the gay-marriage-opposing, moose-shooting former governor of Alaska.

But it seems one blogger didn't get the joke.

A writer at HillBuzz.org approached the manager and demanded to know if the money collected would be donated to SarahPAC, the former governor's federally registered political action committee.

"No, of course not. That's for us," the manager said, according to the blogger.

"Are you a 501(c)(3) authorized to ask for donations to a 'Fund' of any kind? If so, what’s your 501(c)(3) number?” asked the blogger.

"Look, for the last five years we ran a Bush Impeachment Fund, and no one complained," the manager reportedly said. "People here hate Palin, and we've gotten lots of compliments on those jars. People take their pictures with them and everything. So this is the first negative thing I've heard."

The blogger now wants to make a complaint against The Chicago Diner's business license and is calling upon his readers to call or e-mail the restaurant to protest.

Here's a tip for the blogger: Instead of protesting the fake "fund," maybe you should learn how to find the humor in the jar.

Matt Bartosik, a "between blogs" blogger, is starting up a "Save Time" fund.

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