Tio Hardiman Announces Run for Governor

Tio Hardiman has thrown his name into the mix in the running for Illinois governor.

Hardiman announced his bid during a press conference Saturday afternoon near 16th Street and South Kostner Avenue.

Hardiman said in the conference that he plans to, among many things, provide more resources to schools, bring an end to corruption, create stricter laws for illegal gun trafficking in the state and reduce employment.

“I just want to let everybody in Illinois know that I’m dead serious about running for governor,” Hardiman said. “I didn’t make this decision overnight. There’s a lot of good work that I’ve done as a community activist.”

Hardiman announced that he was considering a run for governor after he posted a comment on his Facebook page last month.

“I'm considering a serious run for Governor of the State of Illinois,” the post read. “This will be a major undertaking but I’m up for the challenge.”

The former CeaseFire Illinois leader was arrested in May and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after his wife reported he punched and kicked her. Hardiman has denied the allegations.

The charges and an order of protection were dropped earlier this month after Hardiman's wife said she loves her husband and wants to work on their marriage.

The primary begins in March.

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