Tinley Park Mayor Apologizes for Moving Cones, Demanding Special Treatment From Cops

The mayor of Tinley Park is apologizing for his conduct after a Paul McCartney concert in the area last month.

According to The Daily Southtown, Tinley Park Mayor Jacob Vandenberg moved traffic cones that had been set up outside of the Hollywood Casino Ampitheatre. Police documents also say that he demanded police allow his party bus to bypass normal traffic.

One officer alleged in a memo that Vandenberg shouted “mayor coming through” as he began moving the cones outside of the venue.

Vandenberg issued a statement apologizing for his conduct, saying that he “grew frustrated with the traffic pattern and the gridlock it was causing,” according to the newspaper. 

The McCartney concert took place on July 25 at the music venue, which is located in Tinley Park. The allegations of Vandenberg's behavior came out after multiple police officers wrote memos about the incident. 

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