Chris Kennedy to Announce Running Mate Next Week

Chris Kennedy is the only Democratic candidate for governor who has not yet announced his choice as his lieutenant governor

Chris Kennedy, one of two Democratic candidates for governor who have not yet announced choices for lieutenant governor, will do so next week.

Rebecca Evans, a spokeswoman for the Kennedy campaign, says "the campaign is planning an announcement for next week."

Though petitions will begin to be signed Tuesday, Evans adds, "we're excited to work with the 2,000 volunteers we have on board statewide to help us pass petitions."

The candidates for the March 2018 primary -- and not just those running for governor -- will begin passing petitions on Tuesday to get signatures to appear on the ballot. 

At Democratic Day at the Illinois State Fair, Kennedy was asked if he's looking for an outsider -- someone outside of state government -- and he declined to answer, asking reporters to give him a couple of weeks. 

There are reports from several political sources that Kennedy has had difficulty getting someone to join him in the 2018 campaign.

It's a job former Lt. Governor Robert Kustra quit in 1994 and others have tried to abolish the position altogether as unnecessary. 

Names mentioned by multiple political insiders as possible running mates for Kennedy include: State Sen. Kwame Raoul, Cook County Commissioner Jesus Chuy Garcia, President of the Chicago Police Board Lori Lightfoot, state Rep. Jerry Costello and former City Treasurer Stephanie Neeley.

Chicago Deputy Mayor Andrea Zopp is also under consideration for the position. 

The Kennedy campaign will not speculate on when the announcement will be made or whom has been chosen.

Scott Drury, a Democratic candidate, also has not announced his choice for lieutenant governor.

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