Three Missing Chicago Kids Found in Mexico

Mother was hung in her own home


Three Chicago area children who went missing after their mother was viciously murdered last year were found in Mexico and flown back to their family on Friday.

The father is a suspect in the murder, but he's not in custody, say police.

Details about how the children were found were not released.

Sofia Garcia, 30, was hung in her home with a plastic bag over her head in 2008. Her children -- Fernando Casanova, then 11, Karla Casanova, then 7, and Oscar Casanova, then 6 --went missing, and police suspected the father, Benito Casanova.

Garcia had an order of protection against Casanova at the time of the murder.

Casanova and the children appeared on a gas station security camera a few days after the murder. Authorities believed he had taken them to Mexico where he had family, according to ChicagoBreakingNews.

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