Three Men Plan to Live Like Birds at Zoo

Men to hang out in nest for 24 hours

Humans have been known to have nest eggs, others actually tweet, but very few actually live like birds.

Except for three men who plan to do exactly that at Lincoln Park Zoo on Tuesday by hanging out in a nest that's only 5 1/2 feet in diameter for 24 hours. Did we mention they're all over 6 feet tall?

"We've all been in there individually, and it's quite tight with just one, so there's gonna be arms and legs all over the place," one of the men told NBC Chicago.

The birdmen are performers in a show called "Live Like an Animal," which premieres on National Geographic Wild next spring. The participants will mimick the drinking patterns of hummingbirds, which includes drinking a can of pop every 10 minutes or so.

"The reason for doing that is to see what the engineering challenges are and what the behavioral challenges are when humans try to act like animals," show producer Richard Pearson says.

The nest is made of 600 pounds of steel, 1,800 feet of bungee cords and took several days to construct.

One thing that will be different about the experience for the three men are the bathroom breaks -- they will be allowed to use a restroom.

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