Study: Three Chicago Suburbs Among Most Diverse Cities in U.S.

Aurora, Joliet and Elgin were the only Midwestern cities to make the top 30 "most diverse cities" list

America's melting pot has converged on parts of the Chicago area, according to a new study.

The personal finance social network WalletHub conducted a study on the country's most diverse cities, and three Chicago suburbs landed spots in the top 30: Aurora, Joliet and Elgin.

The study ranked the 230 most populated U.S. cities according to four types of diversity: economic class, race and language, economy and household diversity.

Aurora grabbed the top spot for the Chicago area with an overall rank of 24th. Factoring in the sub-rankings, the western suburb fared even better in some areas. It came in fourth in educational diversity and 13th in household size diversity.

Joliet and Elgin tied for 27th place overall. Elgin came in higher than Joliet in household size diversity, occupational diversity and language diversity, but it fell far behind in the "diversified economies" ranking.

Although the city of Chicago did not make the "top 30" list, it wasn't far behind its suburban counterparts. Chicago's overall ranking was 32nd with its highest scores in racial and language diversity.

Of the top 30 spots, the three Chicago suburbs were the only Midwestern cities named. California took top honors with six cities in the top 10, including the first five consecutive spots. Los Angeles came in first followed by Long Beach, San Diego, Anaheim and Sacramento.

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