Threat Closes High School for 2nd Day

A specific threat was left on school's voicemail overnight

Students at Lockport Township High School are being sent home for the second day in a row after officials received a threatening phone call overnight.

In a letter sent to the school community Tuesday morning, the director of School District 205 referenced "a specific threat," and  "recent developments" at Central Campus, in indicating that officials are "taking preventive measures" by dismissing students at 9:15 a.m.

On Monday, 10 people were treated for chemical exposure after a "chemical improvised device with possible toxic substances" was released into a hallway as classes were just getting underway at the southwest suburban high school.  A statement issued Monday by school officials said that a plastic bottle was releasing black smoke and possibly chemicals.

The person responsible for that incident was not found.

"People will write stuff on the walls in the bathrooms or they'll call in, but something actually happened this time and everyone's just kinda, you know, it hit everyone everyone.  And they're getting worried about it," one student said.

Tuesday's letter indicates that Lockport police will search the school's two campuses to "ensure safety" for students and staff at both locations.

Classes should be back in session on Wednesday, but students are being told that they cannot carry backpacks, water bottles and other containers on campus.

"Other preventive measures will include limiting hall passes and increased monitoring in all hallways, classrroms and common areas," the letter states.

Authorities are also asking for information from any students who may have seen or heard something relative to yesterday's incident.

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