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‘Will Never Have Any Power Over Me': Letter From Jayme Closs Read in Court During Kidnapper's Sentencing

Jayme's words were read Friday at the sentencing hearing for Jake Patterson

Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs said she wanted to see the man who kidnapped her and killed her parents "locked up forever."

Jayme's words were read Friday at the sentencing hearing for Jake Patterson. The 21-year-old admitted kidnapping her and killing her parents in a carefully planned attack last October. 

The 13-year-old didn't appear in court Friday, but her guardian read a statement from her. 

Jayme wrote that Patterson "thought that he could own me, but he's wrong. I was smarter." 

Patterson held Jayme for 88 days at his isolated northern Wisconsin cabin before she escaped.

She says Patterson "thought he could make me like him. But he was wrong." She also said Patterson "will never have any power over me."

Jake Patterson, 21, was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole Friday after pleading guilty in March to two counts of intentional homicide and one of kidnapping. He admitted to abducting Jayme in October after killing her parents, James and Denise Closs, at the family's home near Barron, about 90 miles northeast of Minneapolis. Jayme escaped in January from Patterson's cabin near the small and isolated town of Gordon, some 60 miles from her home.

"There is no doubt in my mind you are one of the most dangerous people to walk this planet," Judge James C. Babler told Patterson. "You are the embodiment of evil. The public can only be safe if you are incarcerated until you die.

"There is a difference between regret and remorse," Judge Babler continued. "I have no doubt that you have regret, and I have no doubt that you have no remorse."

Patterson was sentenced to consecutive life sentences in the murder of Closs' parents, and was sentenced to 40 years in prison for kidnapping Jayme Closs in a plot that the judge called pre-meditated and carefully planned. 

Patterson told authorities he decided Jayme "was the girl he was going to take" after he saw her getting on a school bus near her home, according to a criminal complaint. He told investigators he plotted carefully, including wearing all-black clothing, putting stolen license plates on his car and taking care to leave no fingerprints on his shotgun.

"I would do anything I could to undo what I did," Patterson said during his sentencing. "If I could bring them back, I would. I'm so sorry." 

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