Why You Should Embrace Green Bay This Weekend

The Bears and Packers have the oldest and most-played rivalry in the NFL, so naturally there is a whole lot of enmity between the two teams.

It's particularly strong on the south side of the Cheese Curtain, mostly because the Packers owned the Bears in 2011. Because of this tension, Grizzly Detail would normally suggest that the Bears faithful throw all their support behind the New York Giants when the two teams clash in a playoff game this weekend.

But this isn't a normal week. On Monday, Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin heard the tragic news that no parent should hear. His 21-year-old son Michael had died. The playoffs must go on, so the Packers are forced to deal with a death in the family during the same week they deal with the Giants.

This is one of those times that we forget that green and gold don't mix with navy and orange. We forget that the years of history between the Bears and Packers produced winners and losers. Instead, we remember that we've always been united as proud Midwesterners, compassionate above all else. We remember that our hearts are bigger than any score of a game. We remember that Bears fans are the kind of people who will embrace the Packers when they need it.

Right now, they need it. Honestly, there's not much solace that anyone can offer the Philbins and the Packers family at this time, but if knowing that fans in Chicago are supporting Green Bay gives the Packers a moment of comfort, then they deserve it. We can do it, Bears fan. This Sunday at 3:30 p.m. turn on the game and let out a hearty "Go Pack Go!"

It won't feel wrong. I promise.

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