This is the Thanksgiving Side Dish Illinoisans Search for Most: Google

Illinois was one of three states searching for green bean casserole most around the holiday

Do you like green bean casserole? 

Chicago-Area Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner

If you live in Illinois, you just might, according to a new report from Google Trends. 

The search engine’s latest report on Thanksgiving side dishes most searched for in each state lists the casserole as the top-searched item for Illinoisans. 

That’s compared to salads in Minnesota and Iowa, cheesy potatoes in Wisconsin and Michigan, broccoli rice casserole in Missouri and broccoli salad in Indiana. 

Illinois was one of three states searching for the meal around the holiday. Other states also listed for green bean casserole included Nevada and Georgia. 

But if the responses on NBC Chicago’s Facebook page are any indication, it may not be the favorite side dish for those in the Chicago area.

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