This Is the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Illinois, According to a New Yelp List

Yelp has revealed the best chocolate chip cookie in Illinois, and it's right in Chicago.

Ahead of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on Aug. 4, Yelp named the top-rated treats across the U.S., with Sweet Mandy B's ranking No. 1 in Illinois.

The Lincoln Park and Streeterville bakery describes the baked good, which sells for $3.30, as "sweet and buttery cookie dough with chocolate chips," according to the ordering website Toast.

Among other treats, Sweet Mandy B's also sells butter, confetti, oatmeal raisin, ranger, snickerdoodle, double doozie, sweetie pie, iced sugar, iced molasses and M&M cookies.

Here were some other Midwestern bakeries with the best chocolate chip cookies:

  • Indiana: Amelia's
  • Iowa: Scenic Route Bakery
  • Michigan: Avalon International Breads
  • Minnesota: Rustica Bakery
  • Missouri: Union Loafers Cake and Bread
  • Ohio: Blackbird Baking Company
  • Wisconsin: Yummee Treats

For the full list, click here.

Yelp looked at all businesses in the "restaurant" and "food" categories with a number of reviews mentioning "chocolate chip cookie." The website then ranked the spots using factors like total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning "chocolate chip cookie."

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