This Chicago-Area Suburb Ranked Among the Top 25 Happiest Places in America: List

A new ranking shows the happiest places in America and one Chicago-area suburb was named among the top 25.

Aurora, Illinois landed at No. 21 among the list of 182 locations, receiving a total score of 63.60, according a ranking WalletHub released in March.

Aurora also ranked No. 21 for emotional and physical well-being, No. 144 for income and employment and No. 8 for community and environment.

Chicago was listed at No. 56, with a score of 58.42. The city ranked at No. 47 in emotional and physical well-being, No. 166 for income and employment and No. 46 for community and environment.

Here's where other Midwest cities ranked:

No. 6: Madison, Wisconsin
No. 12: Minneapolis, Minnesota
No. 29: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
No. 114: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
No. 134: Columbus, Ohio
No. 134: Cincinnati, Ohio
No. 155: Fort Wayne, Indiana
No. 156: Springfield, Missouri
No. 160: Indianapolis, Indiana
No. 161: St. Louis, Missouri
No. 165: Akron, Ohio
No. 171: Toledo, Ohio
No. 182: Detroit, Michigan

In order to find the "happiest cities in America," Wallethub said the company compared 182 of the largest cities, including the 150 most populated U.S. cities and at least two of the most populated cities in each state.

For a full explanation of the methodology, click here.

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