Third Suspect Arrested in Death of Chicago Cop

Suspect hospitalized since Wortham's death

A third man has been arrested and charged in the murder of Chicago Police Officer Thomas Wortham IV.

Marcus Floyd, 19, has been charged with two felony counts of murder after being hospitalized in police custody since Wortham’s death May 20. Floyd’s cousin, Brian Floyd, was also killed in the incident.

The two other suspects, Paris McGee and Toyious Taylor, were arrested the same day and held without bond. They are charged with armed robbery and two counts of murder.

McGee, Taylor, Floyd and his cousin allegedly approached Wortham and his father, an ex-cop, and attempted to steal his motorcycle. When Brian Floyd began shooting at the elder Wortham, the retired officer responded with gunfire, injuring Marcus and killing Brian. 

Wortham was an Iraq veteran and was laid to rest last month.

Floyd will appear in court at a date to be determined.

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