Thieves Target Magnificent Mile Department Store in Broad Daylight

Police said four men made off with a dozen handbags around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, and fled in a getaway car headed north on Michigan Ave

A group of thieves targeted the Michigan Ave Neiman Marcus Thursday morning, stealing merchandise in broad daylight. 

The brazen crime occurred just before 11:30 a.m., when four men entered the Magnificent Mile department store and rushed the Chanel purse counter, according to a spokesperson for Neiman Marcus. 

"They refused help from the associates, then grabbed twelve handbags from the shelves and ripped them from the attached cables," a statement from the company reads. "The suspects fled the store and entered an awaiting vehicle. A police report was filed and the investigation is ongoing."

Police said the suspects then escaped in a getaway car heading northbound on Michigan Ave, and are still at large. 

Thieves have targeted stores along the Magnificent Mile in the past, including that same Neiman Marcus in December 2014. Burglars used a minivan to smash through the front window to steal purses and other high-end products.

But that incident occurred overnight, when the store was closed and no one was around. Thursday's robbery happened when the area was swarming with people, which many shoppers said made them feel nervous. 

"I live nearby so it definitely doesn't make me feel good," said shopper Anna Mirzashvili. "I think Chicago needs better security and police have to do something about it." 

There is no estimate on cost of the stolen items, according to Neiman Marcus, and the company is not aware of any security footage. 

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