Thieves Smash Windows of Cars in Palatine Parking Lot During Softball Game

Several cars were broken into Thursday in a Palatine parking lot while the owners watched a nearby softball game, police said.

Police responded to a call about 7:30 p.m. to the lot at 1025 N. Smith St. A vehicle owner returned to their parked car and found one of their vehicle windows broken. Officers checked the rest of the parking lot and discovered several other vehicles with broken windows and purses removed from the passenger compartments.

The victims had parked their vehicles in the lot while watching softball games during a tournament in the adjacent baseball fields, poliec said. An additional report was taken during the same period where an unlocked vehicle was entered and a purse taken at 250 E. Wood St. where a softball game was also being played.

“Most of these car burglaries were a crime of opportunity where valuables were left in view for the thieves to see and steal,” police said. “The Palatine Police Department strongly encourages people to leave valuable items at home or take them along when leaving vehicles unattended. Purses, GPS units, laptops and other items of value left in view through vehicle windows are common items taken by car burglars.”

Police are investigating the crimes and ask that anyone with inromation calls the department at 847-359-9000.

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