Thief Caught on Camera Stealing Holiday Package From Chicago Porch

Surveillance cameras captured a man walking up the steps, pulling out a plastic bag and taking the package

A Grinch who stole a Christmas package was caught on camera in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood this week.

Olivia Moreno said she received a package at her home this week when a delivery person tossed the item over the fence outside her home, as they usually do.

Surveillance cameras captured Moreno’s mother placing the package on the front porch before a man later walks up the steps, pulls out a plastic bag and takes the package.

“It hurts because that was a thoughtful [Christmas] gift,” Moreno said. “Now I’ve got to come up with another idea.”

Moreno said the thief must have scaled her very sharp fence to get inside her locked gate.

“I just hope that he’s caught and anybody else who does this gets caught because it’s not OK,” she said.

Package thefts have not just been a growing problem in the Chicago area, but all across the country as similar thefts have been caught on home security cameras.

Midlothian police on Tuesday arrested a suspect who had stolen multiple packages from the front porches of several homes, police announced.

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