Theaters Implement Costume Restrictions for ‘Star Wars' Screenings in Chicago Area

Theater chains across the country will have strict guidelines for what will be allowed

Fans going to this week’s premiere of “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” may want to leave their Darth Vader masks at home.

While Star Wars fans are known for going to great lengths to dress up like their favorite characters, theater chains across the country will have strict guidelines for what will be allowed.

AMC Theaters said masks, face paint, weapons and items that would make other guests feel uncomfortable or detract from the movie-going experience will be prohibited at its theaters.

Lightsabers will be allowed, the chain said, but must be turned off during the movie.

“Leave the blaster, face paint and Darth Vader mask at home,” the company said.

An employee for Regal Gardens Stadium in Skokie said fans must keep faces visible, meaning no face paint, no hoods and no masks. Lightsabers will be allowed in the venue, but not in theaters. Fans will have the option to check their lightsabers and pick them up after the show.

It’s not clear if those restrictions apply to all Regal theaters in the Chicago area, however.  

Showplace ICON theater in Chicago said masks and headgear will need to be removed when fans enter the theaters. Lightsabers and toy props "that do not look like weapons" will also be allowed. 

The film, which comes out in the United States on Dec. 18, has received near-universal acclaim, although many fans are purposely avoiding the reviews, for fear of dreaded spoilers.

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