The Unexpected Mistake That Could Make You a Target for Thieves After the Holidays: Police

Burglaries are certainly not uncommon around the holidays, but police are warning about an unexpected way you might be tipping off thieves after the holidays end. 

The Kankakee County Sheriff’s office posted a note on Facebook Sunday night reminding residents to break down boxes before throwing them out or recycling them, but not just for space-saving purposes. 

The department warned that not breaking down boxes could alert would-be thieves to new or expensive items in your home following the holidays, particularly electronics. 

“Just a reminder, don’t forget to break down your boxes before discarding them into the trash,” the department wrote. “Don’t advertise your new Christmas gifts to would-be thieves!” 

Breaking down the boxes helps “disguise valuables” from would-be thieves, the post said.

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