The Ten Commandments of Chicago Runners

Sometimes I wish there was a written guide for gym etiquette (I'm looking at you, sweaty dude: for the love of jog, wipe down your machine). I was also wishing there was a handbook for runners when I stumbled upon this Thought Catalog post called The 20 Commandments of Runners. There's plenty of wisdom, and here are two of my favorites:

Thou shalt acknowledge waves, greetings, nods, and good morrow’s when passing other runners, and

Thou shalt invest in good running shoes. Do not be deceived by what is popular.

So this got me thinking-- what would the ten commandments of Chicago runners look like? Here's what I came up with:

1. Thou shalt not take for granted the plethora of races available during peak running season.

2. Thou shalt learn to suit up appropriately for both -20 degree blizzards as well as 95 degree heat waves, for both are commonplace in thy city. 

3. No matter Jon Stewart's musings on the matter, thou shalt count deep dish pizza as carbohydrate pre-run fuel and treat it as such.

4. Thou shalt Instagram the skyline from ye Lakefront Path with a clever caption about the beauty of thy running route. 

5. Thou shalt brag whenever possible about the running accommodations in thy city as compared to other towns. 

6. Thou shalt partake in the amazing trails, forest preserves, and races happening in the suburbs of Chicago.

7. Thou shalt take advantage of the multitude of running stores at thy fingertips, and seek expert advice and new products as often as thy wallet allows. 

8. Thou shalt always be open to new running groups, and thou shalt also welcome new runners into thy fold, teaching them thy ways. 

9. Thou shalt have a favorite street route and certain Chicago-specific landmarks along thy path. 

9.5. Thou shalt watch for potholes. 

10. Thou shalt always remember how fortunate ye are to live and run in such an amazing place. 

What would ye add? Check out the original post on Thought Catalog here and let us know your Chicago Running Commandments on Twitter at @StrideNBC. 

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