The Private Lives of Obama’s New Neighbors

Owners wanted house, not notoriety

Sarah Glover

The United States Secret Service may be the only ones who know the identity of President Obama's new Hyde Park neighbors at 5050 South Greenwood.

Unlike Bill and Jacky Grimshaw, who tried to cash in on a very public pitch to live next door to the First Family, the purchasers prefer to keep their identity unknown. And their Realtors aren't talking, either.

"They want to be private, " a spokeswoman for agent Matt Garrison said about the Chicago buyer, offering only a few tidbits. "They are going to be doing renovations."

The couple will reportedly spend at least $1 million to do renovations that may include installing an underground walkway between the 6000 square foot home and carriage house at 51st and Greenwood.

Homes in Hyde Park can range from $1.5 to $2.5 million, depending on if they need renovations. 

The new neighbors shouldn't have to worry about an expensive security system. Two Secret Service agents guard the Obama home at all times and both ends of the street are blocked off from traffic.

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