The Other 46 Percent

Not everyone’s feeling the Obama love

Ever since last Tuesday night, Chicago has not been shy about showing its pride for beloved South Sider and President-Elect, Barack Obama. City Hall banners congratulate the Senator. Street vendors on every corner offer t-shirts and pins. Chicagoans are buying newspapers with Obama's image by the bundle.

But what about the 46 percent of Americans who didn't vote for Obama?

No one ever likes to see their supported candidate lose, but it's especially difficult for McCain supporters here in Chicago, Obama's hometown.

"There's only so much I can deal with, especially being from Chicago," Jonathan Hirsch, 34, told the Chicago Tribune. "It's a non-stop Obama love fest."

With many news outlets covering Obama's every move, some McCain supporters have become more selective about what they watch. Will County GOP Chairman Richard Kavanagh turns to the one channel that doesn't (allegedly) pander to the Democratic President-Elect: Fox News.

"At least I know I'm getting a fair shake there," said Kavanagh.

Giao Nguyen, a Vietnam native, acknowledges the significance of the moment.

"I fully appreciate the fact that he won and there deserves to be some degree of celebration," he said, "but there is such a thing as too much."

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