'The Office' Stars Finally End Their Stanley Cup Battle – And In the Best Way Possible

Thankfully, it appears Pam and Jim aren’t fighting anymore

Dunder-Mifflin's Michael Scott once said “'You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take' - Wayne Gretzky” and the most beloved couple from "The Office" has certainly lived up to that.

Boston Bruins fan John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert on the comedy series, has been in a hilarious social media battle with St. Louis Blues fan Jenna Fischer, who starred as Pam Beesly on the show. Let’s just say things got heated – and not in a romantic Jim and Pam way- as the two teams battled for the coveted Stanley Cup.

It even went so far that Krasinski sent a video message to Fischer at Game 7 showing him sitting next to Pam’s ex on the show, Roy.

But it was Pam, er Fischer, who got the last laugh when the Blues defeated the Bruins in a 4-1 victory Wednesday, marking their first NHL championship.

Fischer, who had publicly displayed her team pride throughout the quest for the Cup, decided to get back at Krasinski in the best way possible. She made a delicious-looking blue and yellow frosted cake and then posted a video of her writing the word “Gloria” with icing, a tribute to the Blues’ victory song.

“Gloria!!” she wrote in the caption, tagging Krasinski. “Win the Stanley Cup!!! Sound On!!”

In the video, Fischer, wearing a “Stanley we’d like you to meet Gloria” shirt, can be seen icing the cake to the song before shouting “I’ve got my Gloria cake and I’m going to eat it too.”

Even some of her fellow “Office” co-stars joined in on the fun.

“Bff you are so excited!” Angela Kinsey wrote. “I love it!!! Eat that [cake] lady!!!”

Steve Carell also tweeted a photo of him in a Bruins hat Wednesday, but later wrote “Congrats #STLBlues, and of course @jennafischer! What a great playoff!”

Thankfully, it appears Pam and Jim aren’t fighting anymore.

“Well, a big congrats to everyone in St. Louis,” Krasinski wrote Thursday morning. “A tough loss, but a momentous occasion! Great series! Next time Fischer... next time.”

Looks like all is fair in love and war – even bringing your TV wife’s ex to the Stanley Cup Final and then watching her eat an epic victory cake when her team wins.

Did Michael Scott also say that?

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