“The Job” May Drive You to Drink

Weis cracks down on cops who drink and drive

Days after one of his cops was arrested for allegedly killing two men in an alcohol-fueled crash, Police Supt. Jody Weis emphasized Monday that he’s serious about cracking down on officers who get behind the wheel drunk.

Weis took office early last year after the Daley administration was embarrassed by a series of scandals stemming from cops allegedly misbehaving in bars.

Weis signed off on a policy requiring immediate notification of a watch commander who must go to the scene whenever there is evidence that an officer — on- or off-duty — was driving drunk.

On Thursday, The Chicago Tribune reported that 13 Chicago police officers had been arrested on DUIs in 2008. The Web site ChicagoCopWatch.org reports that Weis quoted the number to be 15, compared with eight in 2007.

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