The Holdouts

Two U of I trustees remain

And then there were two.

Two selfish buffoons demonstrating with each passing day why they are not be trusted with safe-guarding the University of Illinois's business.

With four more trustees offering their resignations in the wake of the clout admissions scandal, the only holdouts left are James Montgomery and Frances Carroll.

What a pair.

Montgomery was once known for his role as corporation counsel in Harold Washington's administration and later for his law firm partnership with Johnnie Cochran. Now he can add crybaby to his resume.

Montgomery has said more than once that resigning from the board would be some sort of admission of wrongdoing. That says more about his own conscience than the objectives of Gov. Pat Quinn, who has asked for the board to resign en masse.

Quinn has made clear that he retains the option to re-appoint worthy trustees. Apparently Montgomery fears he will not be one of them. Honorable trustees, though, should have nothing to fear.

And even if good people have to sacrifice for a fresh start, well, that's the price of putting an institution - and the public interest - ahead of personal ones.

And then there's the piece of work that is Frances Carroll.

“I’m due a little bit more respect than to be treated like a child," she said on Chicago Tonight last night.

Then stop acting like one.

No one is entitled to be a University of Illinois trustee. It's a privilege.

But then, both Montgomery and Carroll were appointed by Rod Blagojevich. That's reason enough to give them the boot - and not invite them back.

Steve Rhodes is the proprietor of The Beachwood Reporter, a Chicago-centric news and culture review.

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