The Hartmarx Hustle

A political sideshow?

Nobody wants to see homegrown clothier Hartmarx fail. But what business is it of the state treasurer?

Alexi Giannoulias is threatening to pull state business from Hartmarx banker Wells Fargo unless the bank stops its liquidation of the bankrupt company.

Is that really appropriate?

Maybe it would make sense for the governor to step in, but the guy whose job is to basically count the state's revenue and fill out the deposit slips?

Giannoulias could stand to keep his eye on the ball instead of the prize.

But it's good politics, standing up for the working man and all.

Call it the Republic Windows Effect

But do you have to be Obama's favorite suit-maker to warrant the state treasurer's intervention? Will Giannoulias step in if the banks start to force, say, the liquidation of the Sun-Times? And what about the poor companies closing their doors today that never caught the treasurer's attention?

One thing's for sure: a lot of Alexi's potential opponents are mad they didn't get there first.

But there'll be plenty of other companies to save between now and Election Day.

Steve Rhodes is the founder, editor and publisher of The Beachwood Reporter. Watch him discuss Giannoulias tonight on Channel 11's Week In Review.

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