Brightline Unveils the Future of Connected TV

The conversion of Internet and television is predicted to grow over the next five years

Shopping while watching commercials may become the next big trend.

Mike Fisher of Brightline, an advanced technology company working in the Connected TV industry, spoke about the future of the television experience at the Connected World Conference on Tuesday at the Chicago Auto Show.

Apple TV, Xbox, Racu and Playstation are current systems that allow an engaged TV watching experience as the centerpiece of a home.

Connected TV is moving toward functioning inside the TV itself, without having to buy an additional device, Fisher said. Viewers who own the selected Connected TVs from Samsung experienced the ability to purchase an item from an H&M commercial during a Super Bowl commercial this year.

In the future, Brightline predicts that this concept will be enhanced to purchasing things like family vacation packages with the click of a button.

Popular features such as video chatting and Skype for communication will continue, and security functions will allow people to see who is at the front door right on the television screen.

Brightline has been around for over 10 years in the advanced technology industry.

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