The Bad and Ugly of Monday Night’s Bears Loss

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Last night's loss was terrible to watch. I imagine most Bears fans turned it off at the half, if not earlier. Normally, this is where we write up the Bears who played well and the ones who played not so well. There's one problem with that today.

No one played well. Sure, there were little things, like a 53-yard punt from Adam Podlesh and Kellen Davis actually making a catch. But no one played well the entire game. No one in a Bears uniform, anyway. That Colin Kaepernick fellow played amazing well. 

So here are the players who really did a great job at playing terribly.

-- Gabe Carimi and J'Marcus Webb: Look. Holding off Aldon Smith and Justin Smith (who are not related, no matter what Jon Gruden said) is not an easy task, but these two failed miserably. Campbell was sacked six times and hit after releasing the ball many more. After holding off JJ Watt and the Texans, Webb and Carimi failed their back-up quarterback.

-- Major Wright and Chris Conte: The safeties let Kaepernick and his band of receivers off the hook all night long, giving up huge gains all. In his first start, Kaepernick threw for 243 yards and had a quarterback rating of 133.1. That should not have happened.

-- Devin Hester: A fumble on a kick return. A nine-yard loss because Hester couldn't recognize a hole that opened for him. Dropping a pass on offense. Yeah, it wasn't a good day for the ridiculous one, but he's yet to have a good day this season.

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