The Art Behind Artistic Success

vision of a fashion god p.scott
Dean Reid

It's pretty much a given that getting ahead in the corporate world is all about connections and networking.

But the same can also be said about the art world. It's a strategy Chicago artist P.Scott is employing as he tries to make a name for himself in an industry where it's traditionally tough to get a break.

"I always thought that people just look at your work and judge your work, but I'm learning that it's just as important to know the artist -- to like me as a person and then look at the art through that lens," Scott says.

So when it comes to his new exhibit, A Vision of A Fashion God, P.Scott isn't just letting the art speak for itself. Leading up to this collection's launch, he worked the streets, meeting as many people as possible at art functions, galleries and museums.

He's hosting a series of events at Galleria 2150 inside Pilsen's Lacuna Artist Lofts & Studios, and around 400 people came to the first one.

"I'm learning that 60 percent of what I do is brand building and letting people know who I am as an artist," P.Scott says. "Being social and networking in the proper way is what gives you the notoriety that helps you build your brand."

And it doesn't hurt that the controversial nature of the exhibit has people talking. A Vision of A Fashion God is a series of paintings that explores the paradox between human spirituality and high reverence for fashion, and features pieces such as Gucci Buddha and Polo Christ.

"I did want to be provocative and cause some controversy, but I didn't want to offend anyone. I'm not trying to be disrespectful," P.Scott says. "It's really about my own conflict. I'm very spiritual but I also love fashion and the materialism that goes with it."

P.Scott's pieces average $3,200 apiece, and he's sold five pieces from this collection so far.

Public exhibit showings will be held at the loft on November 4th and 21st.

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