Text To Find Your Polling Place

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Don’t know where to vote Tuesday? Send a text message. In a service debuting for this primary election, the Chicago Board of Elections will send polling stations to voters who text their addresses to 312-361-8846.

"This system will help voters with the No. 1 question we hear on Election Day: ‘Where is my polling place?’” Election Board Chairman Langdon  Neal said. “The best place for Chicago voters to find information is chicagoelections.com. But this new text system helps those who have cell phones but no web access. It’s a bridge over the digital divide.”

Chicago voters should include only the simplified street address, and not include any other information like a unit, city or ZIP Code. For example, type in “1000 W Washington” (If you live there, you’ll vote at the Haymarket/McDermott Center, 943 W. Washington Blvd.)

“If enough people use this pilot system, we will look to grow its capacity for the Presidential Election, when voter turnouts tend to be much higher,” Neal said.


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