Drilled: Faux Terrorists Storm Lake Michigan Cruise Ship

Somewhere between Navy Pier and the Shedd Aquarium, terrorists took over the cruise ship Odyssey. Men with automatic weapons boarded the luxury cruise liner at around 6 a.m. Thursday morning storming around the ship with the intention to take over swanky lake liner.
But don’t expect the National Guard to come around with guns blazing. The terrorists who took over the ship are actually Chicago Police and FBI agents practicing an anti-terrorism drill. The authorities are using marine and air assests to simuluate the hijacking of a maritime vessel on the terrorism hot spot that is the Great Lakes.
The anti terrorism drill is expected to last into the afternoon and portions of the mock-take over should be visible from the shore and the water and airspace immediately surrounding the exercise will be restricted, the FBI said. The effort is designed to test and improve response capabilities and coordination in the event of a real attack.
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