Teenager, 2 CPD Officers Injured in NW Side Crash

A dramatic crash on the Northwest Side damaged two buildings and sent three people to the hospital, including two police officers, late Tuesday night. 

Police say a 17-year-old boy was driving in the 5700 block of West Grand Avenue just before midnight when his silver Nissan Altima blew a stop sign and slammed into a Chicago Police Department squad car at the intersection of Grand Avenue. 

The collision sent the police SUV flying into two nearby office buildings. 

But the teenager involved in the crash had a different story, telling NBC 5 that the police officer was allegedly speeding and in the wrong lane when the squad car hit him head on. 

Two Chicago police officers and the teenager suffered minor injuries, officials said.   

The teenager was treated and released from the hospital Wednesday morning for a sprained wrist, according to police. 

Police said the teenager is facing traffic violations, including citations for failing to stop at a stop sign and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. 

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