Teen on Probation Can't Attend Grammys: Judge

A judge ruled the teen isn't allowed five weeks of vacation, including a trip to the Grammys

A judge has denied a suburban teen's request for permission to attend the Grammys following a crash three years ago that badly hurt a Downers Grove couple.

Investigators said Raihan Sayeed, 17 at the time, sped close to 60 mph through a stop sign and crashed into Gerald and Marybeth Ryan's car.

The couple was headed home from a birthday party when their car was struck by another vehicle, they said. Their injuries were severe, and Gerald Ryan said doctors didn't expect his wife "to live through the night."

"When we finally came to a stop, we were upside down, hanging from the seatbelt," said Marybeth Ryan.

Sayeed pleaded guilty last year to probation. But a trip to Miami to celebrate Lil Wayne's release from jail landed Sayeed in trouble for skipping bond.

A judge on Monday ruled the avid music fan is not allowed five weeks of unspecified vacation, which included a trip to this weekend's Grammys.

"The first thing he does is go to court to get permission to go to the Grammys? And go on four or five family vacation in one year? ... I don't buy it," Marybeth Ryan said.

As part of Sayeed's probation, he was ordered to send a written apology to Gerald and Marybeth Ryan, who say they never saw one.

But Sayeed's parents, who call the crash an accident, told NBCChicago the honor student did write them a letter, and they hope the Ryans understand their remorse.

"We have been sorry from the day we heard that you were injured," said Shaheen Sayeed when asked what she would say to the couple. "We have wanted to contact you and apologize to you, but we were told by the court and the police that we cannot contact you."

Asif Sayeed said he's sure "this will help my son grow up and be a better and a stronger person."

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