“Pot for Payment” Teacher Now Arrested for Harassment

Kim Krocza "narcissistic off the charts," sheriff says


This teacher needs her name written on the chalkboard.  With a checkmark behind it.

Two days after being arrested for allegedly rewarding students with marijuana, booze and Zoloft for odd jobs around her home, a math teacher in Fox Lake found herself again in cuffs, this time for intimidating the family of one of her accusers, the Daily Herald reported.

Asst. State's Attorney Steve Scheller says that after Kym Krocza bonded out of jail on Tuesday, she parked and left her car at the end of one of her accuser's driveway so that no one could get in or out.

The 41-year-old now faces harassment charges in addition to the charges filed Tuesday of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, the paper reported.

Since being released, Krocza has been on several radio programs professing her innocence.

"It's unfortunate for these girls that she is playing these games, acting like she is an innocent victim and that the girls trumped all this up about her," Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran said. "She confessed in writing that she did this."

She's "narcissistic off the charts," the Chicago Tribune quoted Curran as saying.

Krocza been suspended without pay by the school district and is due back in court Friday morning.

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