Girl's Dance Moves at Taste of Randolph Become Viral Sensation

A little girl’s dance moves at the Taste of Randolph Street festival have captured the attention of internet in a video posted to Facebook that’s been viewed more than 258,000 times.

Tony Martin posted the video to Facebook Friday with the hashtag #goviral and the caption “This little girl just went off on Psycho B------ Set.”

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In the nearly three-minute video, the young girl breathlessly busts out an array of dance moves at the crowded festival to the thumping dance music. Other fest-goers stop to admire her moves—including a man, who was identified as her father in the comments, who stops to dance with her.

The Facebook post has been shared more than 2,000 times, has more than 1,000 reactions and dozens of comments.

“She was in the moment! Love it!” one commenter wrote.

Others felt inspired by the girl’s fancy footwork.

“I have to get my daughter some dance lessons,” another commenter wrote.

Commenters, sharing screenshots of a Facebook Live from 2016, also identified the girl as the star of a DJ’s set at House of Sol in 2016.

“Love this little girl!” One her now thousands of fans said.

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