Taking a Tip From “Weeds”

Couple uses vacant house for suburban drug operation

Suburban police say a couple with three children was using their second home for something other than vacations. It wasn't anything fancy.

About a mile and a half away from their Matteson home, Evlicia Jackson-Long, 30, and Roy Long, 32, kept a second home, apparently for added income. 

No, they didn't rent it out.

Instead, Matteson authorities said they discovered 500 pounds of marijuana hidden in the Longs' garage. The couple was operating a pot packaging business, police said, ala Showtime's "Weeds."

Police discovered the operation after a neighbor reported two men breaking into the Streamwood Lane garage. The two theives allegedly stole half of the pot, then lead police on a chase.

The men in the car, Antoinne Kelly, 29, of University Park, and Anthony Morris, 41, of Chicago Heights, were charged with felony possession of marijuana, police said.

"They heard from someone that there was some major weed in there, some major weight," Matteson police Detective Michael Jones said.

Police estimate the marijuana was worth up to $600,000, making it the largest drug bust in the history of Matteson.

The couple was charged with felony possession of marijuana and distribution of marijuana.

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